May 26, 2024

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Can you Take a Travel Nursing Assignment Close to Home?

Travel nursing close to home: Local jobs for travel nurses

Can you take a travel nursing assignment close to home? Yes, indeed it’s called local travel nursing. Travel nurses are not only assigned far away from their homes but it is possible to be assigned to your next city. Since the need for nurses is not only for other states but also within your area. So nurses prefer getting local travel nursing jobs compared with a regular nursing job in their place. 

Pros of Local Travel Nursing

Travel Cost is Limited 

Although getting assigned far away can give you an opportunity to travel to other places. You might have to spend more, despite your travel nurse agency giving you reimbursement. You will still spend on things that are not related to work. While a local travel nursing job can make you save more money since you can go home if you want to since the distance is not that far and not necessarily rent a place to stay in. 

Local Nurses still Get Housing Stipend

Housing stipends are still given as benefits to local travel nurses which means they can lessen their cost of living since they can stay in their homes and still be assigned to a medical facility near them but still entitled to a housing stipend. 

Can Keep Fulltime job and Still Work Extra as a Local travel Nurse 

Some nurses who want to get extra income would decide to keep their regular job and get local travel jobs at the same time. This way they can maximize their time and be able to earn more. Local travel nurses are allowed to work under one or more agencies as long as they can manage their time and shift.  

Lesser Travel Stress

Nurses who get assigned to other places have to keep on organizing and bringing their luggage anywhere they go. Traveling can be stressful especially if you have to bring a lot of things with you. For local travel nursing, you don’t need to go through the hassle of getting big luggage as you work in a nearby city or area. 

Your Home is Accessible 

Just in case you get assigned to your next city, going home is still possible since you just have to go for a short drive to get home. Compared to when you get assigned to other states or other countries, heading home during your free time is not possible. 

You are More Familiar with the Area

Being a travel nurse requires flexibility since you have to get used to new environments. You can start as a local travel nurse so you won’t get culture shock since you are still in an area that is not far from home. This means you can easily find apartments and hotels if you need to get a place to stay. 

You Can Still Attend Family Events 

Since you are near the area, it is possible for you to attend any family events during your assignment since you are just near your home and can head home to be there for your family events. You will be able to balance your toe for work and find time for your family. 

You Can Stay Close with your Family and Friends

Working near your home makes a difference compared with working away from home. Since you can still maintain your close relationship with your family and friends. Working away from home can be an adventurous bit if you are the type of person who wants to be near your family most of the time then local travel nursing is perfect for you. Since you can still work as a travel nurse and stay near your family.
So can you take a travel nursing assignment close to home? The answer is definitely yes. You can now start to apply with a travel nurse agency and be able to work as a local travel nurse. Enjoy getting higher pay and other benefits and still stay near your family. Work and life balance are hard to maintain most of the time due to the demand from work, but with travel nurse jobs it is possible. So get connected with a travel nurse agency near you and start becoming a local travel nurse. It can be a good stepping stone before you can get an assignment that is farther from your home.