May 30, 2024

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Do More Springs on a Trampoline Make It Bounce Better?

Generally speaking, the bounce on a trampoline is usually far more superior if it has as many springs as possible within reason. The springs attach from the bed to the frame of the trampoline, the springs are usually attached with triangle metal eyelets but this can depend on which model you are looking at or already have bought.

When looking to buy a trampoline always look at the amount of springs and very critically the size of the springs, these two points mostly affect the bounce performance, when we refer to the size of the spring we refer to it while not on the trampoline and from the edge of the hook to the other side edge of the hook. The larger the spring the better bounce the trampoline will give. Often cheaper Trampolines sold in the UK will have very cheap small springs and some 12 or 14ft trampolines may even have as little as 50 springs, when compared to some models that have 112 springs the bounce will be very limited on the cheaper models.

On round models the springs are designed to bounce the jumper into the middle of the Trampoline, giving the user more of a point bounce and not having a Trampoline with the right amount of springs will affect this Trampoline performance. The same principle for the Rectangular Trampolines apply, the more springs, the better the bounce. The Trampoline pad usually should cover the springs no matter what size or how many springs there are.