May 26, 2024

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Facts You Must Know About Back Pain

Agonizing pain in the back can be such a “pain in the neck.” Prolonged back pain can be an agony to its victim and can be very annoying at times.

Unfortunately there is no quick fix for back pain medically, its elusiveness to medical solution for many decades has been a mystery.

Be careful how you use your back, for it is the power house for the entire body supporting your trunk and making the movements of the head, hands and legs possible.

Any serious problem with the back can result in unimaginable consequences. Most funny and distressful feelings in the hands and legs are as a result of problems in the neck or waist.

So it is always important to think BACK before you act in most activities you engage yourself doing. Don’t use your back as crane to lift heavy loads, carrying loads from deep car boots has caused uncountable pain problems to many people. Agonizing back pain can restrict your daily activity, reduce your work capacity and diminish your quality of enjoyment of everyday living.

To be frank, the social and business lives of most people have been restricted drastically. Most people who are back pain sufferers, may have either had their business commitments reduced or completely stopped.

To some their social engagements may either have been brought to a gradual stop or even to an abrupt stop. To these victims of chronic back pain, attending social gathering such as business meetings, weddings, official meetings, parties, etc may have diminished. Many people, especially those in their middle ages have lost their sex life to this monster. The list is endless. Preventive measures for back pain are more cost-effective and it works. Always think back whenever you are engage in any type of activity learn the correct body mechanics of lifting loads, carrying objects, pushing vehicles and even in activities involving conjugal obligation among couples.

To take proactive measures against back pain are cheaper in terms of cost and convenient comfortable. Drug or curative measures are unreliable and expensive. Thousands of people who are victims of these agonizing illness can attest to the fact that the drugs and medicines prescribed for them have been unimpressive, ineffective and 95 per cent unnecessary.

More so, the uncountable medical appointments to doctors’ consulting rooms for reasonable solution to their common disturbing pain in the back have been waste of valuable time.