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Is This SmartWatch Physical fitness Tracker Worthy To Purchase?

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New York, NY ( TS Newswire ) — 26 Sep 2020

For the duration of these unsure situations of the pandemic, its vital to continue to be balanced. Theres absolutely nothing we can do to end the unfold of the virus, but we can preserve personal cleanliness and wellbeing. According to most conditioning trainers and nutritionists, strolling extra than 7,500 ways each individual working day is essential to make powerful immunity.

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Now, how do you measure the measures youve taken? Health and fitness trackers can aid observe the variety of actions taken each day, the calories burned, and measure other health parameters, such as blood oxygen, coronary heart level, and blood tension. Just one such tracker is FitBeat View.

FitBeat SmartWatch Assessment

FitBeat Enjoy is an up-and-coming, all-round fitness tracker that will help you observe your day by day functions. Its an productive smartwatch thats competitively priced. Youll be ready to check the selection of actions youve taken, complete energy burned in the day, your rest sample, coronary heart charge, and more. Its significantly beneficial for health and fitness enthusiasts and persons looking to control their all round wellness.

Its easy to use. You dont have to be a techie to work it effectively. The check out arrives with an adjustable band and will properly match any wrist. With FitBeat Watch, you can also sync your notifications and get all messages, textual content updates, and phone calls on the enjoy. Not only jogging and working but the health tracker can keep track of a selection of exercise routines, like power yoga, energy schooling, and calisthenics.

Technical Requirements of FitBeat Check out

  • It supports Bluetooth v4. and earlier mentioned.
  • FitBeat Check out is appropriate with iOS and Android.
  • Its a touchscreen smartwatch with various look at faces.
  • It tracks the quantity of measures taken in a working day.
  • The look at screens snooze pattern, blood pressure, SpO2 or blood oxygen, and coronary heart fee.
  • It tracks all forms of routines and supplies genuine-time facts and examination.
  • The physical fitness tracker also steps the calories burned in 24 several hours.
  • Its in-designed with a cell phone locator feature. It aids in locating the gadget linked to it.
  • When its synced with a mobile unit, it sends the notifications and other updates to the view facial area.
  • It has an idle inform feature that receives activated if youre sitting down for prolonged durations.

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How Does FitBeat Watch Work?

Once your mobile phone is connected to FitBeat Watch, it starts measuring your steps and the calories burned. It brings you all your notifications, text updates, and phone calls on your watch. Even if youre not able to receive the calls or reply to text messages from the smartwatch, youll be able to view them. The smartwatch measures your heart rate, blood oxygen, and blood pressure. It also tracks your sleep pattern and allows you to sleep better.

How to Use FitBeat Watch?

FitBeat Watch is easy to use. Its simple to link the device to your mobile phone. Given below are some steps to remember:

  • Start by turning on the Bluetooth of your mobile phone. The device is compatible with Android and iOS. Your mobile phone must at least support Bluetooth v4.0.
  • To connect your device to your mobile phone, switch on your FitBeat Watch by touching the watch once.
  • Youll find the name of the watch under the Bluetooth option. Click on it and the watch gets connected.
  • The fitness tracker syncs all your mobile data. Youll receive your notifications, text messages, and other updates on your watch face.
  • It measures the number of steps youve walked, the calories burned, blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen in your blood.
  • You can also track various types of workouts by switching to a suitable mode.

Benefits of FitBeat Watch

  • FitBeat Watch is one of the best fitness trackers in the smartwatch industry. Starting from measuring your steps to analyzing your sleep pattern, it fulfills all your fitness needs.
  • It has multiple watch faces and tracks all kinds of workouts, such as power yoga, strength training, and cycling.
  • It sends your notifications, text messages, and other updates to your watch. Youll be able to view them instantly.
  • The smartwatch has an idle alert feature that helps you stay active throughout the day.
  • It has a phone locator which helps you find your mobile.

Purchase and Price

There are multiple packages of the device available on the companys website. You can check it out and order the most suitable one for yourself. Given below are the prices for each package.

  • One FitBeat Watch: You can purchase one unit of FitBeat Watch for $49.98. The retail price of the watch is $99.96, but the seller offers you a 50{2073c8c43516c2345af85108b8ebbdebe9ebc66c54499a524ff940f002e78ebd} discount on it.
  • Two FitBeat Watches: The original price of two FitBeat Watches is $189.96. The company offers you a 55{2073c8c43516c2345af85108b8ebbdebe9ebc66c54499a524ff940f002e78ebd} discount on the package and you get it for $85.48, so you effectively pay $42.74 per unit.
  • Three FitBeat Watches: The most popular package of the product, you can buy three units of the device for $119.95, i.e., $39.98 for every watch.
  • Four FitBeat Watches: If youre buying the FitBeat Watches for your family, the best value pack is for you. You get four units of the product for $139.94, which effectively stands at $34.98 per watch.
  • If you order one unit of the device, youve to pay a minimal shipping and handling fee of $10. The shipping for all other orders is free.
  • The seller ships your order within 2-3 days and the package arrives in 5 days of your purchase.

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The seller backs the product with a 30-day refund guarantee. So, if youre dissatisfied with the features of the watch, you can contact the customer support of the seller, and claim a refund. Given below are the steps to need to remember to initiate a refund process:-

  • First, you need to contact the customer care of the company and inform that you wish to claim a refund.
  • The customer service agent will initiate the refund request from their end.
  • Youve to arrange for a return of the items that you received. The items you return must be in their original packaging. Also, you pay for the return package.
  • If the devices turn out to be defective or in a faulty condition, your refund can be canceled by the company.
  • After inspection, if the company approves the return package, youll receive a full refund, deducting shipping and handling fees, in your bank account.

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Is it safe to use FitBeat Watch? Can your data be accessed by the seller?

Safety and privacy of personal information is a genuine concern in the tech industry. FitBeat Watch is a safe fitness tracker and the seller doesnt receive any access to your data.

How many watch faces does FitBeat Watch have?

You get multiple watch faces with FitBeat Watch. Each face is dedicated to tracking and monitoring different aspects of health and fitness.

Can you pick up your call using FitBeat Watch?

No, you cant pick up a phone call on FitBeat Watch. Youll receive updates about your phone calls on the smartwatch but youve to use your mobile phone to pick up.

Is the device durable?

Yes, FitBeat Watch is durable. It has an IP6 waterproof rating, which means you can wear it even while swimming.

Can you check your messages on the watch?

Yes, once your mobile phone is synced to the smartwatch, youll receive text messages and notifications on your watch, helping you stay connected at all times.

Customer Testimonials

I bought FitBeat Watch during the pandemic. I thought that the lockdown period was a great opportunity to get back into shape. I decided Ill walk 15,000 steps daily in my garden and house. After five months in quarantine, when I weighed myself, I had lost 13kgs! A big thanks to the manufacturers. Gary, 45, New Jersey.

I go for a walk every morning to a park near my place for 1 year. But I never thought of tracking my steps and the calories I burned. I was getting fatter, so I realized my calorie intake was more than what I was burning. For the last two months, Ive been wearing FitBeat Watch to the park, and it helps me calculate the calories I burned, which in turn, helps me to sort my nutrition. Jones, 32, Oklahoma.

I was diagnosed with high blood pressure last year. My physician asked me to buy a fitness tracker that will help me monitor my pressure in real-time, and ask for help in case of aberrations. On the suggestion of my grandson, I ordered FitBeat Watch. Not only does it regulate blood pressure but also my blood oxygen, and heart rate! Janine, 61, California.


FitBeat Watch, since its launch, has been giving a strong competition to other fitness trackers. It has established itself as one of the accurate trackers in the market. The price at which you get it is also quite competitive. Its an easy-to-use smartwatch and youll be able to connect your mobile phone to the device within seconds. So, order the fitness tracker for your entire family today!

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