July 17, 2024

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Parents’ Guide to Having the “Sex Talk” With the Kids

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Many teens nowadays are becoming very active when it comes to their sexual life. Most parents who are concerned with their children would want to educate them as much as they can, but some still feel a little shy and uncomfortable discussing safe sex with their teenagers. Just the thought of their children growing old enough to use birth control can be a scary thought as it is a realization that their little boy or girl is really growing up. Still, it is vital for parents to talk to their children so that they will be properly guided and not suffer unwanted pregnancy or get sexually transmitted diseases.

Here is a simple guide for parents out there who have no idea how to initiate the “sex talk” with their kids. Remember that this is a means of protecting them from making reckless decisions when it comes to relationships, sex, and condoms.

First off, parents should not assume that their kids just buy condoms online or that they have latex condoms sitting comfortably in their purse of pockets. Be the first one to educate them as hearing it from somewhere else wherein information might not be accurate could lead to unsafe practices.

When you prepare yourself to have the talk about helping your child to choose the best birth control up to the point of selecting the best condoms in the market, make sure that you have chosen the perfect time to do so. The topic can also make teens uncomfortable, especially discussing it with their parents. Wait for the time where you are both calm. Start off by having open line communication about everyday happenings so the teenager will feel it much easier to talk about bigger issues such as sex. You may read some lecture material but do not lecture and just ease it into the conversation. There are centers you can approach that can also lecture you about using condoms and other birth control methods.

After choosing the perfect time, ask for a private conversation. Do it over lunch outside or somewhere far away from the rest of the family. Share to the child your point of view when it comes to sexual activity. You may give him advice on abstinence but also the option that if he chose to be sexually active, there are birth control methods available. This talk should also be done with girls, so that they are not left unprotected when the male partner forgets to bring a pack. Girls should know where to buy condoms and how to use them too.

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