June 18, 2024

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Unsweetened Rice Milk and Candida Problems

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I have received a question by a reader. She wanted to know about unsweetened rice milk. She was aware of unsweetened soy milk but she was looking for the rice milk instead.

Well, she might try the same way we make nut milks. To make nut milks, you just soak the nuts over night, toss the nuts and the milk in the blender and then you have nut milk. Perhaps rice milk was made in the same way.

Or she could just get Rice Dream.

Unfortunately Rice Dream is sweetened, so it’s bad for those with candida problems. It may not say anything on the box, but there is sweetener in it. They usually use brown rice syrup, or malt syrup or organic cane juice or maltodextrine, etc. If it just lists brown rice, then consider it using brown rice syrup. If it tastes sweet, it’s been sweetened with something. On the nutritional label it will list the amount of sugar in it in the carbohydrates section. If it has more than a couple grams of sugar, it is sweetened with something.

There is a web site with tons of recipes for making your own rice and there are some unsweetened rice milk recipes on it. However, white rice can be a problem for people with candida as well.

Sally Fallon, the author of Nourishing Traditions cookbook just held a lecture and she felt that it was difficult for bodies to process the soy. So it might be a better idea to switch to rice milk instead. But knowing that unsweetened rice milk is difficult to find, you might try diluted coconut milk. Coconut milk is pricey, but a can will last several days if watered down, and as well as being anti-fungal, it tastes a lot nicer than soy.

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