June 20, 2024

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Using the Ovulation Calendar Makes Good Sense

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Fortunately for most couples now that there are many options for over-the-counter contraception methods. One of the individual ones that is becoming the most noted is the one that they call the emergency contraceptive pills and the distinctive factors about these are that they have a dual action at being able to prevent the egg from becoming fertilized. They may even be able to act as a post fertilization. It should be noted that the ECP’s as they are called are not the same as abortion which are methods that are totally different. Aside from these there are many other OTC contraceptives including the ovulation calendar.

These types of contraception are not meant to be used on a regular basis as they are just used as the name implies for an emergency. The reason that they come into the category of contraception is because their actions are before the implantation of the egg itself. There is some controversy however that it could actually act upon a fertilization and so to some anti-abortionists this method is placed in the same category as abortion. A much simpler and far more natural way for birth control or even to plan for conceiving a baby is by keeping track of peak ovulation with an ovulation calendar.

One that is becoming commonly known for contraception as a emergency step is the morning after pill as it is often referred to and it’s short form is known as EHC, particularly in Europe. The concept here is that the pill itself contains doses of hormones that are found in the regular oral type contraceptive pills except that they are much higher doses. This is referring to the estrogens or progestins. An easier method than to have to go through the worries of the morning after, is by tracking ovulation using a ovulation calendar. The concept of using this type of pill is that if the pill is taken after intercourse then it prevents any potential fertilization because of the high dosage of hormones. There are some pills that do not contain any of the hormone drugs.

There are many different types of this particular type of contraceptive on the market and it should be remembered that they are not 100% foolproof even though there is a high percentage for their success. Whatever type of contraceptive is used, using an ovulation calendar combined with a contraceptive increases the chances of protection.

Most people will say that the side effects of the contraceptive methods mentioned in this article are not all that drastic. Many have found that probably the biggest problem sometimes encountered is vomiting. Then there are some more minor but less known ones such as being very tired, headache or abdominal pain but these are minimal and don’t last more than a few days.

What many people don’t realize is that an intrauterine device is also a good alternative as an emergency contraception when a couple has had unprotected intercourse. In fact the stats show that the success rate of the IUD far supersedes any of the other emergency methods used. When one looks at all of the aspects of these many methods though the simple use of tracking ovulation with an ovulation calendar seems to make the most sense.

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