June 20, 2024

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Getting Pregnant After Birth Control – Waiting For the Period

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For years, you’ve been depending on birth control to hinder any chance of getting pregnant. But now, you are perfectly ready to be a mom. You have already stopped taking birth controls. You know you should wait for some weeks until you get your first cycle. That is your cue that your body is ready for getting pregnant after birth control. But months and months have passed, still, your monthly period is still hiding. Should you worry?

Actually, a lot of women experience the same dilemma. They presume they won’t get pregnant anymore because of taking birth controls for so many years. But, will you really be infertile if you use contraceptives?

You should understand how contraceptives, especially the common birth pills, work. These pills were made to prevent you from having your ovulation. Without ovulation, there will be no chance that you’ll get pregnant. The pills do this by maintaining the level of certain hormones while suppressing the level of other hormones. This is the reason why you don’t experience menstruation with some contraceptive pills.

For years, your body is used to that level of hormones. Your normal hormone levels will not resume right after you stopped taking contraceptives. Your body still has to adjust to the new hormonal level and new processes undergoing inside it. That is why it takes some time for some women before they have their menstruation again.

You can already try getting pregnant after birth control. But it might be dangerous for the baby. You need to be sure that your body is in its normal state already before you try to conceive or else, your baby might suffer the consequences of abnormal hormonal level.

Waiting for your next period is not enough, though. Doctors recommend you wait for at least three menstrual cycles before you try getting pregnant after birth control.

Now, if you are still waiting for your first menstrual period after stopping the pills, you better check if you are pregnant already. Take a pregnancy test and see if you’re finally pregnant. If not, better set an appointment with your doctor. There might be something wrong with you. Maybe you need extra medication or other ways to prepare your body for getting pregnant.

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