April 25, 2024

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Heart Palpitations With Upper Back Pain – Possible Causes

If you have already experienced heart palpitations, you know that it can be extremely alarming. The symptom of heart palpitation may be described as when you are suddenly feeling your heartbeats, precisely when you become conscious of the way your heart is beating: too fast, too slow or most often, when you feel it beating irregularly.

Sometimes, people may experience not only heart palpitations, but upper back pain at the same time. This type of pain occurs from the top of lumbar spine to shoulders. As you certainly know, your rib cage is robustly anchored by the upper part of the spine, and this upper part holds up our upper body weight as well.

When somebody experiences heart palpitations for the first time, and that these palpitations occur with upper back pain additionally, it may be something which is very frightening. So frightening, that even people who have already experienced this affection are saying that they never get used to it.

Pay special attention to heart palpitations when they occur with upper back pain: they should never be ignored and should always be seriously taken. Numerous similar cases have already been related, where people apparently radiant with health, unexpectedly experience them, even without precedent heart condition.

However, it doesn’t mean they are necessarily serious each time they are experienced, and may only be the result of caffeine abuse for instance, but it can also be an early warning of a more serious medical problem.

See your physician for an appointment right now! Do not try to make a diagnosis by yourself. Sometimes, people hesitate about seeing a doctor or going to the hospital, maybe because they don’t have enough healthcare coverage, but it could save your life. Neglecting to do so and you could run a real risk.

There are different plausible causes of heart palpitations with upper back pain, such as irregular heartbeat (harmless, most of the time)or arrhythmia. But sometimes,it is a lot more serious issue, like a heart valve problem for example.

Anxiety troubles or a panic attack can be other causes of heart palpitations with upper back pain.

The definition of panic attack is for instance, when a person suffers from repeated periods of violent terror, being anxious about something which is not real or that has not happened. These attacks can make them to start breathing with difficulty, to feel dizzy or to pass out. And they may even suffer from heart palpitations with upper back pain. The duration of these attacks generally vary from five minutes to sometimes until half an hour. These panic symptoms lead to nausea, loss of sleep, muscle tension, dry mouth etc. They never have to be ignored because they may lead to real phobia.