June 20, 2024

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How to Build Muscle Fast at Home – Hardgainer Tips to Gain Mass

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Have you ever wonder why some home movers can be so buff without ever hitting the gym? The most common answer that you will get is that they are constantly moving heavy stuff. What does this tell you? You can get buff at home if you act like them. Before you start moving heavy stuff, you should make sure you are using proper form. If your form is sloppy, you are going to injure yourself.

How to build muscle fast at home:

Do you have something at home that is very small and heavy? You can pick stuff up off the ground as if you are doing a deadlift with a barbell. Home movers are constantly doing deadlift without realizing it because they are always picking heavy stuff off the ground.

In my basement, I pull and lift heavy stuff, and move them around. The workout can be as short as 15 minutes. It is all about quality over quantity. If you are not on expensive supplements and steroids, you cannot workout for 2 hours straight. If you are all natural and looking for ways to build muscles, then keep your workout short but intense.

Moving stuff around the house is a total body workout. Your whole body is in motion so you work almost every single muscle group. If you are skinny, you need to do compound exercises. There is a reason why some people look the same even when they have been working out for 3 years because they are concentrating on puny muscles such as biceps all day long.

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