June 18, 2024

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How to Get Pregnant – Natural Method Is the Only Way That Can Help You to Treat Your Infertility

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Infertility is a condition when a woman is not able to get pregnant and not able to give birth of a new life. This is defined in two categories; primary infertility and secondary infertility.

Primary infertility- when a woman is not able to get conceive after at least one year of unprotected, well timed and regular intercourse or sex with her partner, this is called as primary infertility.

Secondary infertility- when a women has carried the child in past but medical, emotional or physical reason is interfering in her way, and she is not able to get pregnant now, this is known as secondary infertility.

There are several factors of infertility. In modern generation all the women try to avoid the pregnancy and they use birth control methods for a long time. Using of contraceptive pills and other birth control methods for a long time may also the reason of infertility. Some most common factors of infertility are listed below:-

• Factors related to age (after 35 or 40)

• Ovulation problems in women

• Tubal causes

• Sperm factors

• And unexplained factors.

In some cases both the men and women may be infertile and the couple’s infertility arises when intercourse is done with that partner who infertile. In other case this factor is suspected to immunological or genetic. It may be that each partner is fertilized but the couple cannot able to conceive together without the cure of infertility of that partner who is infertile. Many people thinks that infertility is only women’s problem but the sad truth is male infertility is also very common. However, there are all the natural methods available which can help you in get rid of both male and female infertility. Natural methods are very safe and effective to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

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