June 22, 2024

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Life Force Diet – Manageable Approach in Vitalizing Your Body Through a Healthy Diet

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Generally designed for people who strive to lose weight, look younger, boost the immune system and enhance memory capacity, the Life Force diet help people to achieve their intentions with its three-week healthy diet to supercharge their health and stay slim with enzyme-rich foods.

The author, Michelle Schoffro Cook, explained on her book the importance of adding enzyme-rich and phytonutrient-rich foods to people’s diet. To her, when these foods are present at mealtime, people are most likely to experience:

1. Increased energy level

2. Healthier body

3. Slimmer figure

Hers is a manageable approach in vitalizing the body through a healthy diet. The following pointers are designed to motivate the individuals in their weight loss endeavors.

1. Week 1 centers on why the Life Force Diet facilitates weight loss and how to plan for success. The book introduces its readers to how enzymes and phytonutrients support the body and mind. This week 1 phase has the following goals to its readers:

a. Understand the Life Force diet and learn the key to health and wellness

b. Prevent diseases with phytonutrient power

c. Heal the body and get slim with a healthy diet of enzyme-rich foods

d. Prepare how to live with a Life Force diet

e. Eliminate the bad foods from the kitchen

2. Week 2 focuses on elimination of the unhealthy. When you read the book, the week 2 is the actual week start of the diet. It provides pointers on vitalizing the body through eliminating the bad foods such as:

a. Dairy

b. Sugars

c. Meat

d. Refined carbohydrates

e. Processed foods

Instead of the foods listed above, Cook recommended the following:

a. Drinking plenty of water

b. Restricting on meat consumption

c. Eliminating the 3 P’s: package, prepared and processed foods

3. Week 3 is provided to make people embrace the Force and boost phytonutrients and curb the cravings. On this phase people will learn about the benefits of phytonutrients and the power of fiber. It offers help to curb food cravings and how to snack to a stronger life force. At the end of this chapter, the readers will know the following points:

a. The Life Force Silver Foods

b. How to ramp up the phytonutrient consumption

c. How to add more fiber to the diet

d. How to curb cravings

e. What to snack in order to have a stronger life force

4. Week 4 is the final phase, which aims to make people embrace the life force by eating enzyme-rich foods. This section of the diet book introduces the Life Force Gold foods and explains the significance of enzymes, proper digestion, going organic and recharging the cell growth. As a lifetime achievement, people will know the following premises:

a. Going for Gold with Force Gold

b. Adding Enzyme Power Foods

c. Supercharging the digestion

d. Choosing organic

e. Recharging the cells

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