June 22, 2024

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Three “Old School” Penis Exercising Tricks That the Pros Use For Penile Enlargement

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Surprisingly enough, some of the best ways to get every little bit of growth out of your penis is to use ancillary adjuncts to your enlargement program that, on the surface, don’t seem like they will be of much use. This is one way the pros get impressive size results while other people are left with last year’s same old penis size. So, even if something seems simple and hardly worth implementing, don’t discount the possible gains you can realize through their usage.

Here are three tips that the old timers swear by. It may not seem worth your time to implement these adjuncts, but I assure you they are quite worthwhile.

1) Warm Up – There are a lot of methods and ways that men do a “warm up” routine, however, this is the best method. A wet towel should be heated in the microwave or in some hot water. Wrench out about half of the water so the towel is well saturated and slightly dripping. The thicker the towel, the better. The hotter the better, too, just make sure you don’t burn your penis.

Wrap your penis up in the towel so that it has two or three layers around it. You should have a 50 – 75% erection at this time. Let the heat soak into your penile tissues to relax them and loosen them up. Wet heat is much more penetrative than dry heat, so use a moist towel. A good six minutes should do the trick. Not only will your penile tissues free up and be more pliable, but the extra heat will increase blood flow to the penis. This is especially important to keep in mind with jelqing, as it’s a good thing.

Again, make sure the temperature is not too hot! You do not want to burn yourself. It should also be noted that the skin on the penis will become more elastic (you want this) but it will also become more fragile and prone to injury. So, take it easy and take your time not to injure yourself when you proceed with your exercises. Of course, before performing your penis exercises, make sure you use a lubricant or a lubricated condom to decrease possible receptor desensitization due to friction.

Other variations include a very hot bath, shower, sauna, or super-hot hot tub. The towel trick seems to work best, IMO.

2) Warm Down – Not only should a hot and wet appliance be applied before exercising, but it should also be applied after exercising. You can get a small electric hot plate at a hobby store that will allow you to select a certain temperature. You can then get a pot, some water, and a couple of small towels and keep them at the temperature you want. One applied before exercising, and one applied after exercising. Keeping the second towel on-hand as soon as you are finished, for its application, is what you can use this little electric hot plate for. This way you can apply the second towel when you are immediately finished. Follow the same routine as the first towel. Again, don’t burn yourself and experiment with what feels best for you. Most guys like the temperature of the second towel to be a little less than the first towel. This is probably due to the penile tissues being more sensitive after post-exercising.

The application of the second towel is as important, if not even of more importance, than the first towel application. Again, these adjuncts are especially important when finishing jelqing exercises, but these adjuncts are applicable and certainly very worthwhile for other penile-type exercises, too. By applying the second hot and moist towel, after exercising, you do what very extremely important thing? You keep the penis engorged with blood. You see, heat is a vasodilator. This means it will open up your blood vessels for you. This is why your penis turns red (or any other part of your skin, like after a really hot shower). This added heat will help ensure that the penile arteries will remain open and filled with blood (thus filling up your penis).

And why is this important? It is important because this “fresh” blood contains needed nutrients and oxygen for your penile tissues to heal properly. Applying this heat will also accentuate and stretch-out the vasodilatory responses you encouraged with your jelqing exercises. This means you will heal faster and will grow faster, too.

3) Penis Pump Application – Post-exercising, these nifty devices are worth ten times their weight in gold bullion. Once the exercise process is completed, with your “Warm Down”, relax a few minutes with your towel removed. Don’t wait too long, however. Now, apply the penis pump to your penis and gently bring the vacuum up to a moderate pressure. Not too much, as your blood vessels and skin are sensitive and worn out after your exercises. So, again, don’t pump your pump up too much. A low to moderate vacuum is all that is needed.

Simply relax for about three to five minutes with the pump applied. It has the same effect as your “Warm Down” towel application, in that it will accentuate the exercises you just accomplished and will help you heal faster by increasing fresh blood loaded with fresh nutrients and oxygen.

Simple but extremely effective.

Since every man’s tissues and penis responses can vary greatly, I must encourage you to seek out your doctor’s professional “okay” before attempting to perform any of these penis enlargement adjuncts.

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